The Lorem Ipsum: a #BadMedina blog

The Lorem Ipsum: a #BadMedina Blog
Congrats to Our Vintage Collection Contest Winners!

Congrats to Our Vintage Collection Contest Winners!

July 21, 2016

We’d like to give a shout out and congrats to the 25 lucky winners of the Vintage Collection Lip Gloss Contest. They’ll be receiving “The Bad One” Collection of lip glosses from the Vintage Vault – Bad Medina’s private cache of Vintage Collection Products! 

  • Celia Smith
  • Anaiyah Medina
  • Syreen Staton
  • Melanie Lozano
  • Shauna Person
  • Syreeta Gapelu
  • Serena Faulkner
  • Maricarmen Aguilar
  • Chanel Bagheri
  • Songa Burrell
  • Saderia Irvin
  • Bryanna Hopkins
  • Brittany Stepney
  • Najaira Lorenzo
  • Genessa Choice
  • Paula Ibarra
  • Brenda Gonzalez
  • Tierney Mosley
  • Karen Castro
  • Annsheliz Fuentes
  • Melissa Garcia
  • Monica Tabares
  • Jessica Alegria
  • Dania Castellanos
  • Pascha Young

In addition to our 25 winners, these 8 lucky Baddies were selected as winners by the Bad One herself via her Snapchat and Instagram profiles (@BadMedina):

  • Bernice Cruz
  • Sabrina Flenoid
  • Meghan Johnson
  • Zenovia Goss
  • Jeanette Hopson
  • Corrina Rosales
  • Angela Lilly
  • Kiaffa Love 

We’re thrilled that these lucky Baddies will be able to enjoy these fabulous, rare products. These collectibles are the first products produced for the Bad Medina Cosmetics lineup and hold a special place in Bad Medina history.

Want to get your hands on these vintage goodies?
They’re available now for a limited time only at! Hurry, because these beauties will never be replicated and are returning to the vault very soon!

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