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The Lorem Ipsum: a #BadMedina Blog
The Beauty Behind Baddie Diamonds

The Beauty Behind Baddie Diamonds

August 05, 2016

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend – and they’re right! But diamonds are no longer just an accessory to rock on your wrists and ears; they’re also one of the hottest new trends in cosmetics! So what exactly is “diamond dust,” and why is it so popular? Diamond dust combines the pearly iridescence and brightness of diamonds to create shine and luminosity to any beauty product. We know that Baddies always want to make a bold statement with their looks, so adding diamond dust to our products just seemed like a natural thing to do! Our personal blend of diamond dust used in Bad Medina cosmetics are called “Baddie Diamonds.”

The Baddie Diamond particles are extremely fine, and when used in the Bad Medina line, help manipulate light, subtly illuminating lips and face to create a flawless finish. You’ll be amazed when you see how the Baddie Diamonds capture light and create studio-effect glam. 

If you’re thinking Baddie Diamonds may be “too much of a good thing,” there’s no need to worry. Although Baddie Diamonds offer shine and luminosity, they don’t create an overwhelming glittery effect. In fact, because of the way Baddie Diamonds subtly capture and reflect light, they actually help reduce the appearance of imperfections and wrinkles, and provide a lightening effect to dull skin.

Shop now your very own collection of Bad Medina products to see how they truly can make you shine bright like a diamond!

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